What is CCAT?

a non-profit community access studio

Carver Community Access Television is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing the citizens of Carver the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of television. With this in mind, we provide access to and training on professional video equipment at very little cost.

CCAT Membership

learn how to produce your own show

For a small amount of money, you can learn to use high definition cameras, professional editing software, and have in-the-field professionals help make your creative visions become reality.

· Individual Membership     $25

· Student or Seniors (over 65)     $15

· Organizational Membership     $ 40
    includes up to 2 people - for non-profit groups only)

· Family Membership     $50

· Individual Lifetime Membership $125

What does CCAT broadcast?

CCAT hosts 3 channels of programming; public, educational, and government channels; each with it's own repertoire of shows and programming.

public 13

Channel 13 is used to cablecast all of the programs independently produced by the members of CCAT.

educational 14

Channel 14 is used exclusively for educational and school produced programming. This includes all class related projects, school events and school committee meetings. Through the years, CCAT has many classes produce programming based on what is learned in the classroom. This approach to classroom instruction reinforces the subject being taught through hands-on learning. Students remember the experience and thereby remember the material.

government 15

The Selectmen Meetings, Planning Board, Conservation Committee, Annual Town Meetings, Candidate Forums and other government programming are cablecast on this channel.

Tape Conversion

Your VHS memories deserve an upgrade.

Bring in your VHS tapes and we'll convert them over to DVD. For just $10 per tape (or 2 tape-hours).

Due to the nature of this service, additional time and/or work may be required. Call (508)-866-1019 for more details.

CCAT Online

Stream CCAT and watch it anywhere, anytime!

coming soon, is our newest piece of community magic. a live screencast of what's playing on our local cable channels; so you can watch ccat whenever, wherever!