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Get involved! Pick up a new hobby, learn a new set of skills, or just order a program copy. Whatever it may be, here's how to contact CCAT.

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The fastest way to contact CCAT, via electronic mail.

PO Box 287
Carver, MA 02330

The CCAT mailbox, send us a video project or television program. All traditionally mailed media (letters, dvds, cds, etc.) is subject to standard USPS charges and fees.

The CCAT Studio
60 South Meadow Road
Carver, MA 02330

on the Carver Middle High School campus. The CCAT studio, where many of the local programs and shows are produced. Also this is the main office where DVD copies and Tape Conversion happens.

Studio Hours

Hours of Standard Operation

SundayBy Appointment Only
Monday10a - 7p
Tuesday10a - 8p
Wednesday10a - 8p
Thursday10a - 8p
Friday10a - 7p
Saturday10a - 5p

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