What's On?

Live Channel Schedules

Here you can see when local programming can be seen on channels 13, 14, & 15. From the selections on the right, you can see an itemized schedule of the day for a specific channel.

13 - Public Access

14 - Educational Access

15 - Government Access

CCAT On Disc

Your very own Instant Replay, at just $15!

If you would like a copy of a program, visit or call CCAT at (508) 866-1019. Remember, disc copies may take upto 2 weeks to process.

Tape Conversion

Your VHS memories deserve an upgrade.

Bring in your VHS tapes and we'll convert them over to DVD. For just $10 per tape (or 2 tape-hours).

Due to the nature of this service, additional time and/or work may be required. Call (508)-866-1019 for more details.

CCAT Online

Stream CCAT and watch it anywhere, anytime!

coming soon, is our newest piece of community magic. a live screencast of what's playing on our local cable channels; so you can watch ccat whenever, wherever!